Suite 1.10

Howard House,
Howard Street,
North Shields,
NE30 1AR

Here and Elsewhere

Brass Art

Photo © Colin Davison

12 May – 22 June 2007


Globe City presented Brass Art’s first solo exhibition in Newcastle, juxtaposing new drawings with existing video and animated light installations. Presenting themselves as shadows, ghosted forms, outlines, silhouettes, reflections and miniature carved models, Brass Art place themselves in specific locations. Sometimes these were real – a military listening post, the interior space of a miniature bone and ivory pagoda; sometimes these were virtual – a computer’s desktop, a painted shadow play. The choice of location affected the transformation they undertake. Each required an alter ego that plays off the material qualities of the selected location. In bringing to life their doubles and placing them within the frame or location of the work they created a stage for an unsettling mix of the real and the virtual.

Brass Art are Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneké Pettican, three artists based in Manchester and Glasgow. They worked together since 1998 and were represented by the international3, Manchester.

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