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Globe Gallery @ Monument Mall

Franko B, Jock Mooney

Photo © Colin Davison. Left: Franko B, Right: Jock Mooney

May – June, 2010

Monument Mall

Globe @ Monument Mall saw the uncanny take to the high street in the form of Franko B’s ‘Love in times of pain: Sequence Two’ and Jock Mooney’s ‘Discontinued’. The installations filled the outside windows (facing Blackett Street) of the old Boots store at Monument Mall in Newcastle City Centre.

Franko B’s pieces were exclusively black, evoking life, vanity, death, eroticism and pain. The viewer encountered a taxidermist’s menagerie where long-dead animals perched for eternity on an array of found objects. Thick black acrylic covered both animal and object, like tar, binding them together in a beautifully haunting harmony. They became monumental, gloriously facing the viewer, their old selves hidden by impenetrable black cloaks.

​On the contrary, a multitude of Jock Mooney’s uniquely original, hand produced, brightly coloured sculptures were thrust together en masse creating a subversive shrine of sorts,  a contradictory vision that recalled votive offerings and video nasties, schoolboy humour and schoolboy error.

Evoking deeply dark feelings reminiscent of the carnivalesque, Mooney’s “products” invite the viewer to seek out the familiar and question the unfamiliar.

Globe Gallery’s offsite programme of exhibitions, events and participatory projects seek to bring creativity to disused shops and empty spaces in the North East. Exhibition was possible through special support of Neil Smith of Ward Hadaway.

Artist Statement

Frank B

Franko B is a performance artist, born in Milan but living in London since 1979. Over the years he has worked in many mediums and disciplines from sculptures to drawings to performance and is now internationally known.  Currently he is Professor of Sculpture at l’Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London.

Jock Mooney

Jock Mooney is an Edinburgh born multi-media artists. His sculptures, paintings and performances are inspired by famous pop-art artists and pop culture. Mooney’s work carries a mixture of humour with extreme sense of sadness and darkness. Mooney has previously exhibited nationally and internationally and currently is represented by Vane Gallery.

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Photo © Colin Davison

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