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Paul Grimmer

Photo © Paul Grimmer

25 June 2010 – 14 August, 2010

Globe Hub

‘Changeling’ was an exhibition that explored themes of control, ambiguity and the constructed self, challenging and transforming perceptions of beauty and perfection. A portal to an unspecific place opened to reveal glimpses of a seductive yet repulsive body form that constantly mutates.

Paul Grimmer’s video installation was as a trip into an unseen world where the familiar is in tension with the strange, and where the conclusion is unresolved. This work was part of a larger body of work entitled Mutations.

Artist Statement

Grimmer’s practice encompasses video, installation, performance and mixed media works, however the body his primary source material. His work explores the biological and psychological, often focusing on gaps in understanding, tensions between opposing forces and the fluid nature of identity. Grimmer’s work is often collaborative and influenced by research from predominantly scientific contexts.

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Photo © Colin Davison

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