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Think Tank @ Hoults Yard

Andrew Burton, Mike Collier, Globe Gallery Plan Chest

Photo © Colin Davison

23 April – 21 May, 2010

Hoults Yard

Globe Gallery utilised Charlie Hoult’s new Think Tank venue at Hoults Yard to present an exhibition of local artists Andrew Burton and Mike Collier latest works.

The exhibition launched Globe’s new multi-venue offsite exhibition programme for 2010. Hoults Yard is a 10 acre site in Byker, formerly Malings Pottery, built in 1879 and retaining many of its old buildings. Now the Yard is a dynamic space, attracting businesses, artists ad film-makers.

Charlie Hoult stated: ʻWe are working with Globe to add to the range of high quality cultural teams. Itʼs great that they have such respected local artists in their stable and are bringing new, innovative work to the Late Shows event. The yard is really buzzing with the creative input and weʼre becoming a magnet for interesting talent.ʼ

Our ‘Think Tank’ ran alongside the ‘Empty Shop’ exhibition at the former Boots Chemist at Monument Mall, which showcased the work of the Internationally renowned artists Franko B and Jock Mooney.

Artist Statement

Andrew Burton

Andrew Burton is UK sculptor who often works internationally, in India, China and Korea. Burton’s practice-based research lies in contemporary sculpture and the relationships between ceramics and architecture. Burton’s ‘brickwork’ sculptures explore processes of making and unmaking, the re-use of materials, ephemerality versus permanence, and notions of site and context. Sculptures are painted or glazed before being broken up and reused to produce new works. Burton’s sculptures have been shown all over the world and regularly commissioned, including for CAFKA contemporary art festival in Canada.

Mike Collier

Mike Collier is an artist, writer and curator. Collier’s multi-disciplinary practice explores the relationship between ecological and cultural ideas through a detailed study of local environments. By overlapping the presentation of text and image, he combines a literal and visual language, using colour as an emotional catalyst. Currently, Collier is a professor of Visual Arts and a co-founder of University of Sunderland’s Walking, Art, Landskip and Knowledge research group.

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Photo © Colin Davison

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