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Auction 2011

Selling Exhibition

Photo © Colin Davison

2 December, 2011

Blandford Square

Globe Gallery’s auction was a major fundraising event to raise funds towards the continuation of Globe’s programme in what was then our newly developed venue in Blandford Square. We have always been at the forefront of contemporary art in the North East, bringing national and international artists to the area and have been an Arts Council RFO for the six years but unfortunately in 2011 we had not been awarded NPO status.

The auction’s aim was to ensure that we can carry on bringing unique experiences to audiences across the North East of England. We received support from award- winning artists including Douglas Gordon, Mike Nelson, Fiona Banner, Jane and Louise Wilson, Franko B, Mark Fairnington, Stefan Gec and many others.

Artist Statement

Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon, is a Scottish artists known for his ability to ‘disrupt preconceived ideas about reality.’ Gordon primarily works with performances, installations, photography, and video art. Douglas was a winner of 1996 Turner prize.–cvWQQI9OZpERFjmYy-XedZ3X4DY3PaY54p50c


Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson is a British installation artist; he represented Britain at Venice Biennale in 2011. Nelson’s installations are expansive dominions for assemblages of cultural detritus, often referencing specific works of literature and countercultural or failed political movements.


Fiona Banner

Fiona Banner aka The Vanity press is a British multimedia artists. She has published books, objects, and performances – often deploying a playful attitude and bringing pseudo grandeur to the act of publishing. She is a graduate from Goldsmith University and was shortlisted for Turner Prize in 2002.


Jane and Louise Wilson

Jane and Louise Wilson are Newcastle born siblings who work as an artist duo. They work primarily with photography, the moving image and installation. Wilsons’ work has explored Modernism and its ambitions through specific historical sites, they have explored some of Europe’s least accessible sites, including a former Stasi Prison in former East Berlin, the British Houses of Parliament and the huge Star City complex in Moscow, a key site of the Russian Space Programme. They both are Goldsmith University graduates.


Franko B

Franko B is a performance artist, born in Milan but living in London since 1979. Over the years he has worked in many mediums and disciplines from sculptures to drawings to performance and is now internationally known.  Currently he is Professor of Sculpture at l’Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London.


Mark Fairnington

Mark Fairnington is a painter and collector born in Gateshead, UK and has exhibited worldwide. Fairnington uses paintings as a primary source of his research, his work explores the lineage of animal and plant painting, and its relation to how humans understand the natural world. His pictures combine obsessive surface detail with sensuous precision. Fairnington is a researcher in University of Arts, London.


Stefan Gec

Stefan Gec is UK born artist who works with sculpture, film and photography. He focuses on technology and the ways that machines like submarines, satellites and military innovations may relate to the social political and cultural contexts and the history of conflict.

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