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Group Exhibition

Photo © Colin Davison

15 October – 26 November, 2011

Blandford Square

This exhibition featured a group show of graduates from Newcastle University Fine Art BA and MFA, working across a broad range of different artistic mediums. Globe Gallery partnered with Life Work Art at Newcastle University to showcase how artists have developed their practices and careers since graduating from the Fine Art Department.

Featuring: Angus Braithwaite, Helen Edling, Chris Grygiel, Joseph Hillier, Leonie Lachlan, Martin Newth, Victoria Rance, Claire Rowlands, Andrew Wilson, June Yun.

Artist Statement

Angus Braithwaite

Braithwaite is a multimedia artist works with performance, film, sculpture and photography.


Helen Edling

Edling is a Swedish multimedia artists, her practice explores ideas of play and improvisation and covers a variety of techniques and processes with projects ranging from drawing, sculpture, and interactive marionettes to outdoor interventions and theatrical site-specific work as well as curatorial and collaborative projects. Edling studied fashion and theatre back in Sweden and has two arts degrees from Newcastle and Cumbria Universities.


Joseph Hillier

Hillier is a British sculptor, his work has been widely exhibited, commissioned and collected in the UK, US and Ireland over the last decade.


Leonie Lachlan

Lachlan is a Princes Drawing School graduate; she draws, prints and experiments in three dimensions, and is captivated by the built environment.


Martin Newth

Martin Newth, is a British born artist that primarily uses photography, video and installation to  explore and emphasises the processes and apparatus by which works are made. Currently, Newth is a Programme Director of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts


Victoria Rance

Victoria Rance is a British visual artist, she creates sculptures the viewer can interact with, either physically or in the imagination. She records interactions with her sculptures using photography, film and animation.


June Yun

June Yun is a Chinese- Canadian visual artist, working in Vancouver. Yun creates paintings about the sensory experience, calm and peaceful, which play at the edge of realism and abstraction to create an ephemeral atmosphere.

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