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Marvellous Travels on Water and Land

Helen Edling

Photo © Colin Davison

24 March – 26 May, 2012

Blandford Square

‘Marvellous Travels on Water and Land’ displayed Helen Edling’s eccentric pieces – her creations whisper tales of fantastical journeys to distant places steeped in European folk theatre, early modern masquerade and the carnivalesque world of Gothic circus.  Edling’s world is playfully disturbing and beautifully grotesque.

Artist Statement

Edling is a Swedish multimedia artist. Her practice explores ideas of play and improvisation and covers a variety of techniques and processes with projects ranging from drawing, sculpture, and interactive marionettes to outdoor interventions and theatrical site-specific work as well as curatorial and collaborative projects. Edling studied fashion and theatre back in Sweden and has two arts degrees from Newcastle and Cumbria Universities.

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Photo © Colin Davison

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