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In Here We Meet, a project with you

Photo © Colin Davison

At Globe, people are our inspiration and our driving force. Our aspiration to bring people together from all corners of society through our programme, events and projects has been a common thread throughout. ‘In Here We Meet’, is a new addition to our programme, specifically designed to bring a diversity of voices and histories into the gallery to share experiences and life stories. Each event depends on you, and flourishes through you.

The coming together of individuals will determine what we take away with us and we hope it is more than we came with. An acknowledgement that our values aren’t so different and that we as a society thrive from the inheritance of our cultures and the sharing of it brings a greater understanding, appreciation and value of each other.

Pre-Covid the first conversations took place in the gallery with a number of partners including: Janet Schofield, CEO of Can (Compass Advocacy Network); Vincent Deary Professor of Applied Health Psychology; Gareth Longstaff, the Head of Learning and Teaching for Media, Culture and Heritage studies in Newcastle University; Jason Ellis, Professor in Psychology and Director of the Center for Sleep Research (Newcastle University); Catherine Boland, Business Success Lead at Workfinder; Sara Sarita Lourenco Director of Kindness Project North East, and Sophie Ainsworth a Founder of RAiISE.

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