Suite 1.10

Howard House,
Howard Street,
North Shields,
NE30 1AR

Their Silence, A Language

Yvette Hawkins

Photo © Colin Davison

6 November – 9 December, 2009

Globe City

‘Their Silence, A Language’ investigated memories, our relationship with language and the notion of seeing before reading. One thousand two hundred sculptures made from second hand books formed an installation that compelled viewers to interact with the space, transporting them to a world of past lives, secrecy and lost stories.  Hawkins follows a socially engaging practise and is keen to involve members of the public at various stages of her work, demonstrating the process of her art and physically interacting with her art too.

Artist Statement

Hawkins is a British-South Korean artist and writer from Newcastle upon Tyne. She makes tactile, engaging and textural sculptures and installations that transform everyday useable and familiar materials into objects that explore suggestion and secrecy. Her art encourages viewers to become conscious of their surroundings as she works to manipulate how things might be seen, read and heard.

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Photo © Colin Davison

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