Suite 1.10

Howard House,
Howard Street,
North Shields,
NE30 1AR

Terry’s Story

Photo © Colin Davison

I can’t remember exactly when I first met Rashida, perhaps it was in Venice, I am not sure. But a conversation about a show developed as usual over time. I made a site visit and then i worked on some ideas. I wanted to follow on from some shows that I had made cutting into the fabricate of the walls and also exploding and unmaking objects.

So the show was a mixture of a site-specific project and a conventional exhibition. So I cut into the wall, and in a piece called spotlight i repaired part of a rough wall with fine plaster to make a perfect surface in the area that spotlights covered. I also took apart a chair and a few other things. I remember Rashida’s girls playing with the objects that were scattered on the floor. The staff were fantastic and my assistant at the time Sara Wang were all amazing.

I decided to call the show coming out, the idea that objects and walls could be revealed. I had no idea when that title was planned how relevant it was to become. Rashida was heavily pregnant during the installation and we knew that the time for her new baby to enter the world was coming close. In fact Jay was born late on the day before the opening and although I said nothing Rashida said she though that I was willing her to give birth on the opening. So at that moment Jay came out into this world. Well the show opened and a few days passed and we made our way back driving to London, but first a trip to see Rashida and the new arrival. It was the most dramatic opening I ever experienced and I will never forget this moment.

And I am delighted that moments continue. The project at the Globe and Buddle art Centre were important in my development as an artist and I am happy that the Globe continues its work, supporting artists and presenting work in the public domain. More than ever we need to support the energy, enthusiasm and down right doggedness to continue to exist. Long live the Globe.