Suite 1.10

Howard House,
Howard Street,
North Shields,
NE30 1AR

Thank you Arts Council

Thank you Arts Council England and Globe community.

Our heartfelt thanks also goes out to all of the people who have supported  us in a myriad of ways over the years. For 25 years we have worked consistently to  engage people from all backgrounds by forging relationships with contemporary art.  We are committed to embedding in our community by delivering  programmes and opportunities that stimulate diversity of thought, experience and  practice.

We are hugely grateful to Arts Council England for the decision in May to support  us during this challenging period in our journey. As a result of the first round of Emergency Fund  investment we can continue to act as a platform engaging communities both regionally,  nationally and globally. Since the beginning of lock down we have been working towards a new website, online Blossom Tree and further developing our plans to open to the public in our new venue. We will be sharing our archive and new website with you via social media platforms in the coming weeks.